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Ned Williams

We are devoted to sell your home
and meet your needs regarding
communications, market pricing,
excellent service and a commission
structure that saves you money.


Keep Your Money!

More money in your pocket - Guaranteed. We'll list your home for 1% with total sales commissions of 4% or less, versus the traditional 6% - 7% the big name brokerage houses overcharge. Plus, we are full service so we provide all the same marketing, market comps, MLS listings, real estate expertise as other leaders but for less.

See Example Below

We are addressing the changing market. Buyers are more sophisticated and experienced, technology is there for houses to be shown 24/7, Buyers prefer doing their own research versus trolling around with a Realtor and the simple fact, more and more people believe that traditional real estate agents are overpaid!

We don't see the need to charge you full price like the big brokerage houses. Do you? Send us an email (preferred) or call today
(704) 241-1207 and let us show you the benefit of going Golden.

Plus, Buyers can save too!

Your home Golden

Sales Price $ 300,000 $ 300,000
Listing Fee % 1% 3%
Listing Fee $ $ 3,000 $ 9,000
Buyer's Agent Fee 3% $ 9,000 $ 9,000
Total Sales Fees $ 12,000 $ 18,000

Net Proceeds $ 288,000 $ 282,000
ADVANTAGE $ 6,000 -

Member MLS Yes Yes
Full Service Yes Yes
Marketing / Advertising
(print, internet, signs, etc.)
Yes Yes
Licensed, Educated, Experienced Yes Yes
* Terms and conditions may be subject to change - contact office.
It's your money you keep it - Go Golden - Save $ Thousands
Weekly Mortgage Rates
Freddie Mac National Averages
 30 Yr Fixed 3.69%
 15 Yr Fixed 2.97%
 5 Yr Fixed 2.92%
 1 Yr Fixed 2.46%

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Mission Statement
To change the cost of selling / buying homes in the Carolinas one family at a time and to provide quality service that gets the results our clients expect.